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We offer a unique technology to hide and retrieve text from images with lossless formats like PNG and BMP.  It uses advanced concepts from statistical signal processing, stochastic processes and digital image processing to encode text through noise sequences.  Each user has her own unique set of statistical encoding strategies and it is impossible to decipher text without proper authorization password.  There will be no perceptible differences in the image after hiding the text and the image can be transmitted (or saved) to convey (or store) message in a secure form.  Four ASCII characters are stored in a 128 X 128 sub-block of the image and a 1024 X 1024 image can be used to encode as many as 64 characters.  Applications include:

* Corporate and office environments where secure transmission of sensitive information is essential without being eaves-dropped
* Personal storage of information in an unsuspected but secure medium of images
* Storage of notes and reminders about the image (or photograph) within the image itself
* Embedding copyright and artist information within the image or graphic 

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The main function of the program is to encode text within an image and only the person with the appropriate decoding password can recover the text from the image.  It is impossible to decode the text unless the right password is entered as the program, through a large set of matrices, transformations and stochastic sets, scrambles the image, hides the text with stochastic and probabilistic coding and noisizes uniquely for each customer.  The program is customized for each user so that only the user with the right password can decode the text.  A unique set of noisization templates, stochastic coding, matrix transformations and scrambling is used for each customer so that only he and his authorized decoders can recover the text embedded within the image.  The program's title HiPNG derives from the fact that the program can Hide Information in PNG (and BMP) lossless image formats.

To hide the text is a simple matter.  In demo mode only a fixed text can be hidden.  In personal, professional and corporate modes, the text to be encoded is arbitrary and should be entered within the edit text box next to Message Encode button.  The image is divided into 128 X 128 squares and if the image has N squares, then the maximum length of the text that can be hidden is 4 times N.  Thus if the image is 768 X 384, there are 12 squares and one can embed 48 characters of text.  Once the text is entered into the edit box, click on the Message Encode button to start encoding.  Message encoding can be stopped anytime by pressing the Message Encode button.  Once the message is encoded, save by clicking on Save button and use a filename with PNG or BMP extension to save.  Just to be sure, decode the message by clicking on the Decode Message button.  Decoding an image is very simple.  After entering the appropriate decoding password (in demo mode, demo can both encode and decode but in registered, paid versions there are different passwords for encoding and decoding), click on the Decode Message button.

Normally the encoding procedure described above is sufficient for most cases since the program optimizes the encoding process.  However for professionals who insist on custom encoding with lowest Signal-to-Noise Ratios (SNRs) and image distortion, the program provides special settings and features.  Navigation controls are provided to view the images present in the default directory and also to look at them closely by zooming and panning.  These controls can also be used while encoding to assess the effect of coding on the image.  To look at help accompanying the program, click here.  If you have any questions, click here for email.


The program can be loaded by clicking here.  The password for demo is demo.  With the demo version, the text to be encoded is fixed but lets you encode and decode to have a feel for the program.  There are some JPEG images provided for testing.


The program comes in four different versions based on the type of the user.  They are:

1.  Personal - $500.  For personal use.  Comes with a single encoding password and 8 hours of custom support.
2.  Professional - $1000.  For small office use with 3 persons or less.  Comes with 2 encoding passwords and 16 hours of support.
3.  Corporate - $5000.  For corporate use with 500 persons or less.  Comes with 10 encoding passwords and 40 hours of support.
4.  Mega - $10,000.  For large corporations and organizations.  Comes with 100 encoding passwords and 80 hours of support.

Note the program should not be used in any illegal manner and using so will void the licensing agreement.  Procurement of the program may require a statement from the user certifying to the effect that the program will not be used in an illegal manner.


You may pay by Paypal to ReddiSS@AOL.COM or make other arrangements.


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