Installation and Operations:
Run the setup program and click on the Faslo icon on the desktop.  Try speeds 150 (one and a half times the original speed) and 75 (three-fourths of the original speed).

As a promotion, you can get a free license ! See the Purchase section for details.

(more description below)

Adjust the block length if necessary.  Then you can try pushing it to two times (200) and 60 % (0.6) while adjusting the block length.  You may select a file name with Open Files button or internet address with http or ftp protocol with Open URL.   The slider can be moved while playing the selection.  Play can be reversed at any time by clicking the Radio Button Rev.  Presets are set up to play at predetermined slow and fast speeds and for voice effects.  WAV and MP3 files can be played as well as lists of these files using M3U extension.  Help can be invoked by clicking on the Help ! button.  The Demo version plays the first minute of the selection.  Otherwise it is the same as the fully functional version.  Special voice effects like pitch alteration and quackiness can be invoked and weird and unusual sounds can be generated using frequency shifting.  Click here to view the help screen.