Technology Overview

We offer a technology that can speed up or slow down speech/music playback and still retain the tempo.  Any compressed/uncompressed internet and local WAV and MP3 files can be speeded up to a factor of two to three times or slowed down to 60 % without losing comprehension, intelligibility and the pitch of the person.  The player can also alter pitch and voice characteristics for voice alteration, better musical appreciation and listening pleasure.  It has the provision to save the altered, slowed-down/speeded-up files in the wave format.  The latest version has real time speech/audio reversing capabilities and includes additional voice effects.

You can download the shareware program fs7setup.exe  (Version 7.0)  and try it yourself.  (The older version  fs6setup.exe (Version 6.7) will be kept to avoid breaking the internet site links).  The demo version has the same functionality as the fully paid one except that only the first minute of audio is processed and played.  There are some WAV and MP3 files provided for you to test the software.  You can use any WAV or MP3 file and judge for yourself how well this software performs and enjoy the voice alteration effects of audio reversal, pitch and frequency shifting, and vocal tract manipulation.  This program has been tested on Windows 98, 2000 and XP. Existing customers can (and should) upgrade to the newer version with no additional cost.  The latest version will always be kept at