Customer Testimonials and Comments

This is indeed a new technology as far as language studies are concerned, and I would expect it to catch on like wildfire. I have a masters in technical Japanese but have always been very unhappy with my listening comprehension. To improve this I routinely listen to internet news from NHK but many phrases are spoken so quickly that I don't quite catch them no matter how many times I replay them. Faslo has, however, made it a whole new ballgame. After tweaking the block and speed parameters, I can now listen at 70% speed with complete comprehension. This product is exactly what I have needed all along. I plan to use it as well in my fledgeling attempt to learn spoken Mandarin.  Thank you for a break-through product. I would heartily recommend it to anyone striving for listening comprehension in a foreign language. It opens up the whole world of Internet radio as a learning tool, a far better way to sample how a language is really spoken than are stilted, over-simplified teaching tapes and CDs.
Joe Shema, De Pere, WI, USA

We use Faslo technology in our transcription products for law enforcement agencies. We are happy with the technology and so are our customers.
Adaptive Digital Systems, Inc., CA, USA

I was pleased to order it at your reasonable price.  I have some old recordings of the Beatles, which are mastered too fast.  I have tested Faslo, and it will do a good job of correcting the speed of my recordings.
Bryan Waller, USA

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